Bio-Hazard Clean Up Services

Bio-hazard Cleanup states of Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia and the Cleveland, Akron, Columbus, Cincinnati, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Toledo, and Charleston areas.

Helping Victims of Crime & Tragedy

Bio Clean Services was started in the beginning of 2004 By Marc Onesta to provide specialty cleaning and recovery services for individuals involved in horrific and tragic situations. Bio Clean Services operates throughout the entire states of; Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. The team at Bio Clean Services are a group of highly trained cleaning and decontamination technicians that have many years of cleaning, restoration and construction experience.

Bio Clean Service provides a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee to all of its customers. This type of work isn’t for everyone and Bio Clean Services only hires the best possible people. You can trust Bio Clean Services to completely recover any scene or situation you may unfortunately be faced with. Call (800)901-2988

Meth-lab decontamination, detoxification & cleanup of Methamphetamine labs including testing and site assessment.

Biohazard, blood, body fluids, disinfecting and odor removal cleanup and from vehicles.

vehicle cleanup

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"Good work, would definitely recommend."
- Matt S.

"My Family and I deeply appreciated your prompt, thorough service which you rendered with respect and courtesy."
- Dorothy B.

24 Hours a day / 7 days a week
  • Crime Death & Trauma Scene
  • Meth-Lab Decontamination
  • Disinfecting & Odor Removal
  • Unsanitary Living Conditions